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Writing progress update: HEAT

I’ve just finished revisiting the last two parts of the outline for HEAT (5 and 6) where she is introduced to a secret coven. They’re the last scenes I need to write to finish my first draft. A very rough one. There’ll be a lot of rewriting needed to complete a second draft and it probably needs some extra scenes of bits I forgot or thought of later on, but I feel quite happy with how it’s going so far.

HEAT is another one of those “you were supposed to be a short story, you monster” WIPs, now also demanding I write a sequel. I haven’t even worked out many parts of the worldbuilding this time, which I’ll need to do before starting on the second draft. I’ll probably let those bits of inspiration come to me on its own, no rushing. Take my time before I actually get to return to this WIP after I write “THE END” for the first time.

First inspiration vs first draft

So HEAT came to me as a sexy paranormal romance, and turned into a mix of that with some dark fantasy sprinkled in there and instead of a feisty heroin more one scared to be vulnerable around anyone and trying to make a better life for herself. Apparently, I have a hard time writing hard, stoic and ass-kicking heroines. *sigh*. I guess she’s less of an anti-hero now? I added the bad-ass mom and her witch son though. Maybe I shifted her feistiness into another character.

Towards the end, there’s a whole secret coven of witches I’ve started to develop the culture and customs for and how they fit in with the outside world. Gender and sexuality will probably be part of some of the themes, not sure if it’ll be a minor or a main one. There’ll be a trans character introduced who’ll become a main character in the second book, and the main plot of “you look cold, let me make a coat for you” *eye roll* is exchanged for “you’re hunted by templars/witch hunters, let’s find the coven so you’ll be safe”.

Changes. Many changes. But good ones. I’m happy.


If you’re curious, you can read the first paragraphs from HEAT in my last writing progress report.


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