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Writing progress update: January W2

Looooots of inspiration and outlining this January! I’ve started a new short story about a struggling relationship because of overwhelming workloads, career dreams, and social status. It’ll feature my second protagonist with ADD. And then I have two other about secret magic, runes, autistic leads, and finding connection with others through friendship and/or romance.

Aside from brainstorming to flesh out already half-formed concepts and outlining my WIPs, I’m working towards the end of another short story which I’m struggling to find a proper title for. I’m also rethinking the ending. It doesn’t fit anymore and I think I will be rewriting it completely instead of revising it like I did to the rest of the story. Still, I’m pleasantly surprised with it. It’s not as bad as I feared, lol.

Aside from the many outlines and first drafts I’ve started because I’m shamelessly cheating on my main project, I did not completely neglect SALANDRINE. I’ve edited several chapters and am almost at the midpoint. She and Amal are starting to figure out what’s causing their country’s drought, when the antagonist becomes less covert in their contempt of Salandrine. They’re at the point of no return. What they choose with influence their future and drastically change course in their life. But first, they need to survive.


Music’s of course a big part of the process too. These past weeks I’ve been listening a lot to Skyrim’s ambience & music while I write. There’s some more, but this one has been this past two weeks’ favourite. I don’t use this music for every WIP and every scene. I do switch it up. Next progress report, I’ll share another one I like to use.

This has been a great start of the year. My current wordcount for this month is 12,339 and am currently on a 9 day writing streak! Hope things will continue to progress this well 😀

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