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Writing progress update: January W3 (Book title reveal)

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A little earlier than usual, but I have a great announcement! I’ve decided on my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP‘s book title and will be announcing it in my next newsletter!

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If you need some extra convincing, I talk some more about this project below. Plus you can read some WIP lines at the bottom!

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Since my last writing progress update, I’ve written 6.010 words (W3), coming to a total wordcount for January of 22.965. That includes my blogging, worldbuilding, plotting, and drafting. Drafting alone, it’s been 15.810 words, all for my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP.

I finished one blog post this past week (From inspiration to concept: harassed by the muses!), but am working on a few new ones for the upcoming week.

Cursed Enemies to Lovers (WT)

Not having set a wordcount was a great plan because boy have my numbers dwindled along with my bad health. I did keep writing though. Thanks to that, I’m on a 12-day writing streak (as I write this)!

I’ve rewritten the opening, which has really lengthened the book. Had to add a couple more extra chapters to bridge between what I already had and the new opening. Only about 1 chapter, maybe 2 left then I’ll be back to getting them out the country and into the snowy north!

The next couple of scenes have already been plotted and imagined, so I should be prepared enough to get those on paper as soon as my concentration picks up again. I’m keeping both MCs in check in terms of the romance because they can get ahead of themselves sometimes. I need this to build slow, for now. There’s one more action scene (I guess you could call it an assassination or hunt) with more blood magic. Trying to think outside of the box with this magic. Once they’re done with this part and going north, there’ll be another strange cave elemental as it helps them from being found.

A few lines from the WIP

A bit of explaining for this part: The following part is from chapter 7 of my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP, after Mael drives him, Sagani and the dog elemental Ashe to Sagani’s house. Sagani’s been drained and overloaded from using a lot of magic earlier, and the earpiece she uses is a piece of smart tech which can produce a sort of visor over her eyes that woks like sunglasses.

After several hours of driving they reached Sagani’s house.

He’d taken them off-road, the road a bit bumpy but doable, and drove them through the outer barrier of the house. Part of the thick forest of fern trees, banana plants, fallen trees overgrown with moss and lichen here and there, and all manner of greens and leafs he didn’t recognise, blinked out of sight, exchanged for the cottage.

Each time he arrived, the house welcomed him with the same strangeness. The soft glow of light that permeated from inside without the harshness electrical lighting usually had. The soft sounds of life, but as if listened in from while submerged in water. The many scents the spaces were perfumed with; earthy and fresh in the gardens, the ever pressing sensation that it would rain any minute, the spicy sweetness from inside.

His body relaxed, memories of calm and focussed productivity sifting to the front of his mind. Of times spent deep in his work. Though not entirely cut off from the world, it always felt as if he’d been sucked into a pocket dimension away from reality. If he wanted to, here, he could forget about the war, forget about his responsibility, forget about all the pain.

That possibility alone, made him want to fight on, to keep going and do what he must. Gave him hope. Because at the end of the day, no matter what happened back home, he always knew there was a space for him to go, even if it would forever remain under the guise of work. Here he’d always been welcome.  

He backed the car to the front door and cut the engine.

A thought gnawed at him. The feeling of needing Sagani was uncomfortable. It wasn’t anything personal, or sentimental, he just needed her for what she had to offer him, almost like a marriage of convenience.

He groaned at the revelation, but couldn’t deny he worried over her. At several times during the drive he had noticed her stir. The dog would softly speak to her, but with no response, the car returned to silence each time.

“You awake?” he asked, peering back a her.

Darkness hid her, so he flicked on the light. She wined and hid her face, fingers to her ears where she activated a tinted visor. She propped herself up on an elbow and looked around.

The dog pushed its head between the two front chairs. “She is, but she won’t speak.”

“Alright.” He looked back at her. “I’ll carry her if I must.”

At that she shot up and flung herself at the door handle.

“Well, at least she understands what I’m saying.” He shook his head and got out himself.

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