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Writing progress update: January W5

My writing streak went to moot during the second two weeks of January, and my wordcounts dropped. I’m also having a short social media break at the moment, but will be returning to Twitter somewhere around the second or third week of February. It’s been an eventful end of the month, with both terrific things happening as well as abhorrent shit that tore at my mental health. But that’s life I guess :/

Since last writing progress update I’ve finished the second draft of my Mnalurian legend WIP and sent it off to my CPs. I will be working on a third draft in March and sending it to betas so I can submit it to Fiyah lit’s for their open theme issue. It’s been given a new title, a new ending, and I feel these changes have been for the better. It’s not about friendship, how we treat each other, and trust in people, but all in a fantastical setting which is a pastime Mnaluria (setting from SALANDRINE).

Speaking of SALANDRINE, I’ve been making steady progress in editing my novel to the point where I’ve past the midpoint (for the gazillionth time). It went so smoothly! Also because there were a bunch of chapters which didn’t need a lot of work. Whoooh, what a blessing!

I’ve also been drafting for another paranormal romance. I’d given it the working title SALT, but it’s the least fitting thing lol. I have no idea for what to name it yet, but I’m sure it’ll come during a second or third draft. The story’s got my second ever character with AD(H)D and they’re asexual. It deals with working while disabled, job expectations, polyamory, and a boat trip through the Szearnan swamps (place Amal, from SALANDRINE, immigrated from). I’ve gotten stuck at the beginning of the third ACT, but I’ll have to see how long it’ll be when finished. It it’s well over 10.000w I’ll turn it into a novelette.

Then there’s two other WIPs I’ve been working on, of which one I’ve already blogged about. It’s my blood mage and vampire story Bloodlust and another fantasy starring an Autistic character and rune magic.

Other than those four projects I’ve mostly been blogging, in part to get stuff off my chest (those will probably never get pubbed though). There’s plenty of new story ideas too, because, well you all know me by now xD But I’ll be talking more about those individually when I get to drafting them.

A look at my statistics (thank you EXCEL) I write an average of 1587 words per writing day, with an average of 8250 words per week in January. I wrote a total of 26 days and my longest writing streak was 10 days! And finally, my months total is 41.249 words!

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