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Writing Progress Update: January

So this will be an update on my writing process for last month. I’d made a great start during the first 2 ½ weeks or so, but then things went downhill because of my health. I’d been sick off and on, and it’s been disastrous for my productivity, including my writing. My wordcounts have stagnated and I haven’t been able to do a lot of editing either.

I started 2018 with Salandrine having 24 chapters and a wordcount of 50.339. During these first 4 ½ weeks of the year, I added up to chapter 31, of which two I’m still writing a first draft of. With feedback from my CPs, I’ve been able to do a first (couple of :p) edit(s) and added some worldbuilding aspects which I’m very enthusiastic about! There are grimoires now, Salandrine’s skillset has been changed, and games/sports will be added as some minor details across the manuscript. With all that, my new wordcount for Salandrine is 53.671 (31 chapters).

Newly finished flash fiction

Oh and I completely forgot but with how bad my writing was going, I tried writing some shorts and flash fics and apart from a bunch of unfinished rubbish I managed to write one! If anyone’s interested in reading it, let me know and I’ll send you a link.

Details: horror flash fiction “CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR” 450 words long. CW for death, murder, suicidal ideation, and depression.

You can contact me by email (, twitter (@winthernovels), or leave a comment on this post.

January wordcounts

I wrote more than I’d thought this month, probably because the first two weeks wents so well. Total wordcount: 17.916

  • Salandrine: 11.499,
  • DreamWIP: 5335,
  • Careful what you wish for: 447

February goals

I’m not going to make the same mistake and set goals I know I won’t be able to make, so instead of saying I’ll finish this book (like, this deadline’s a year overdue already :/) I’m going to set my eyes on writing at least three chapters. If I manage to do that, I’d be about halfway through the last quarter of the book.

  1. Write 3 chapters for Salandrine
  2. Write at least as much as the last month, so > 17.916 words

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