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Writing Progress Update: July & August

It seems like summer is coming to an end and making way for autumn! Honestly, warm and sunny weather is nice, but this has been the hottest summer I can remember and it has been a struggle. We don’t have any airco at home, or at work, so had to take it extra easy, though I did work extra hours for my day job this August and will continue to have more this September.

So these past months I’ve mostly been working on short stories, worldbuilding for Salandrine, and editing Salandrine. I’ve also been plagued by an overexcited muse, so I’ve got plenty of ideas for new projects as well.

July’s total wordcount: 8758

August’s total wordcount: 6260

Ready for beta-readers!

This July, the following stories have progressed from their first (few) draft(s) to a revised draft. They’re ready for beta-readers to shine their light on before final edits and becoming publishable. Once finalized, they will be added to the potential stories for the short story collections I’m planning. 

Light the flame to dawn another day (working title: Burning Souls), 800 words, dark fiction

I light a candle to start the day, only to see the dawn brighten up. Spark the fires to scare the cold away. To pretend that I experience the difference between night and day, even without the cries of birds to wake the morning, because all I hear each morning is the sound of my own breath and the booming of his.

Darker than shadows and deeper than black, 1000 words, dark fiction

I tiptoed my way up and peered into the dim open space. Two windows lined the sides of me, the thin curtains barely enough to keep the sun out, but enough to allow in the shadows. Dust shivered down the path of morning sun’s beams, settling everywhere in a room packed with what felt like family relics and long lost treasures. Now I know they were just my late gran’s things.

The attic had seemed immense back then. A labyrinth enough to make me feel lost from just the look of it, but I had to know. Why was she crying? Why was she always crying?

Love Potion, 1500 words, fantasy romance

Aria’s peaceful winds breezed through the area, ringing chimes on porches and turning the mill’s large colourful sails, but I suddenly found my lungs and heart in a flighty rush when she held my gaze on the third time our eyes met, lingering, almost like a spell.


Yeah, I was struggle with correctly labeling the genre of some of my works, but a quick google search offered the option of dark fiction. I knew it wasn’t really horror what I was writing usually but it was more… kind of disturbing anyways, so finding out dark fiction is a thing (dark fantasy, dark mystery, etc. all fall under this genre) gave me some peace of mind.


Would you love to become a beta-reader for one of these stories? Send me a DM on Twitter (@winthernovels), send me an email at, or leave a comment on this post.


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