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Writing Progress Update: June

Lol, I was pretty accurate with my goals for June.

“For the upcoming month of June I’ll be actively writing again. Hopefully the summer heat and humidity won’t fry my brain too much xD. My goal for this month is just to start writing again. So I’ll be happy with any number of words I manage to get on paper (or rather, screen).”

And as predicted, my brain did melt. But it wasn’t all bad, no no. I had a very nice vacation as well, and so I only wrote during the first and last week of June. My total wordcount was 2567 (stop laughing xD) and all for short stories.

I finished my flash fic Hellfire (and changed the name to Ashes to Ashes). So far I’ve only got it planned for my future short story collection, but I might submit it somewhere before than as well. For those who don’t yet know, Ashes to Ashes is about a Church Grim who fights for her own freedom. It has a fluffy romance sequel called Tempted which I entered for #SweekPride (You can read it here).

Aside from Ashe’s story, I’ve also written some more flash (“Burning Soals” and “Darker than Black”). Somehow they’re both kind of depressing…

Salandrine (worldbuilding) update

So I haven’t written for Salandrine (again) last month, but did do some brainstorming and plotting for some material which better introduces the beginning of Salandrine and Amal’s relationship at the beginning of the story, and shows Amal’s power as the next Shaper. I’ll finally introduce the Floral Computing System (FCS) I thought of ages ago which is as you might have guessed it: a plant computer, or rather, programmable plants.

July goals

So this time I’ll actually take a look at my schedule before setting any goals… *checks calendar*…It’s semi busy, but if this past week has been any indication this month’s going to be AWESOME! Not expecting that much writing time, but expect to do some writing and editing. About, 10.000w of either, regardless of which WIP.

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