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Writing progress update: Love Potion

Best thing about keeping track of my own writing progress is noticing the improvements in my craft. Not am I writing more than before, and more than expected, I’m also getting better at finishing stories. Which I mention because today I finished “LOVE POTION”, a short story I started in April!

Love Potion is a cute f/f romance following the herbalist and witch Luella while she’s working in her shop, and a girl walks in with an unexpected request. It’s 1500 words long.

Here’s a quote from the finished manuscript:

She offered a curt bow of her head, and the barest of simpers as she glanced my way, then answered my greeting via signing, “Hi.” Silver rings and black glyphs adorned her hands, which moved like a subtle dance. Her accent insinuated she were part of the local arcane community.

Love Potion will be included in my paranormal romance story collection, which will include similar stories like Tempted, another cute and fluffy f/f story about a shifter, and other fantasy romances involving mages, magical mysteries, and more, ranging from sweet to steamy.

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