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Writing Progress Update: Names and Voices

Finally I found a title for my WIP! I’ve settled on MEET ME HALFWAY. It’s the first prequel to IN GOOD COMPANY (a.k.a. SALT) and I’ve also found a series title, but will keep that a surprise until I’m starting to put the book out into the world. I still have a way to go with this series, but I’m happy with the growth, of the story as well as my own writing skills.

Image of some writing by pen with underneath text: writing progress update.

One of the things which I’m learning and practicing as I write Meet Me Halfway is writing distinct character voices in first person POV. When I first started In Good Company I’d set out to write it with only one POV character. It crossed my mind, I pondered it, to write it as a dual POV, including Amias’ POV instead of only Khalida’s, but in the end I chose not to.

Back then I wanted to write it as a novelette. I wanted to write something longer, but still short enough so I wouldn’t be intimidated with how long I’d have to work on it. There’s always this fear inside me that I can’t finish it. That was one of the reasons why I chose not to do dual POV.

After receiving feedback my spark was rekindled though. The response was positive and I still very much liked the story and the characters. I liked the worldbuilding and figured, why the heck not? I could expand on it. The ending was kind of rushed, so there’d easily be at least 3-5 chapters extra to write.

But then I figured I might as well write a prequel. That prequel turned into two books. I’ve yet to outline book 2, but I’ve got enough ideas to start once I’m far enough with Meet Me Halfway.

Writing character voice

Anyways, I digressed. I’m practicing writing distinct character voices! Especially in first person, it feels extra wrong to have them sound the same. Ideally you’d be able to know who was who from just the text, no character name titles needed. I hope to reach that goal one day, but for now, I’m using those name titles xD

Now what’s my approach? First, it’s taking me a couple of scenes to write through the new MCs POV to figure out what they’d sound like. I try to crawl into their skin as best I can, imagine their inner world, what they’d focus on in the world around them, as well as inside them. Their language, their behaviour and mannerisms, it all colours their voice.

I wrote Khalida as being a lot inside her head. She’s easily distracted, has a little romantic side to her where she likes to dream and fantasize, and sometime her voice can become a bit flowery. Compared to her, Amias is a bit more straight-forward. She’s pessimistic and withdrawn, and it shows in how she’s perceived, but also in her voice. At least, I’m trying to make it so.

Let’s hope I’ll succeed!

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