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Writing progress update: November

End of the year is always tough for me. With all the holidays, black face season, the many social obligations and the birthdays, I tend to get more stressed and easily overwhelmed. My health has suffered because of it too and I’ve had many turbulent ups and down over the past weeks. But, I’m still here! I haven’t broken down (yet). Though I’ve grown a little more pessimistic, I’ve been worse.

I do feel like it’s influenced my writing as well. Not that I wrote less, though I’ve had my breaks, I still wrote 18 out of 30 days this months. That includes the first week where I was gone on vacation. It’s influenced what I write though. How I write.

Most of my concepts have been either light-hearted or uplifting in nature, or downright depressing. Recently, I’ve started venturing into bitter territory. Into the grittier themes and stories. Something in between the two things I’d been writing before you could say. Nothing’s really done yet, in the first draft phase at most. Not that I stopped writing light-hearted romance or anything though.

This past month I wrote 33.606 words in total, including meta data and blogging. Just drafting it’s 23.456 words. Though less than last month, I’m very pleased with my wordcount!

Organizing my meta data

I’ve made another change in how I organised my worldbuilding and other meta data as well. I won’t go into detail during this post, but I will in the future make a series about world-building and how it works out for me though. Anyways, this new method has really helped so far. My universe, or rather, for now world has been expanding, as it has been for months now, and it’s really helped me with newer projects. To find fitting settings for them within this world.

Work in progress

Progress has been slow, but there. I wrote about 5000 words last month, adding new chapters as I edited old ones.


I’d posted the news earlier, but I’ll say it again, I earned a Silver Honorable Mention for my short story LOVE POTION! I couldn’t believe it! Not a win, but a step up, and a boost of confidence that I am improving. That I can do this and one day write something worth publishing in a magazine!

This past month I mostly started new projects and wrote down new concept ideas, but I did almost complete one short story; LEGEND OF SAVANNA (working title). The story takes place centuries before SALANDRINE, even before Aeon came into existence, a tale filled with Mnalurian folktales, mythical creatures, and old gods. Wrote 7274 words for this one, and am working on the last scene of the second draft.

There’s more, but it’s too premature to really mention. Some concepts will merge, others I might scrap, some I won’t write for months to years.

December’s writing goal

For this last month of the year, I’m not going to set a goal apart from finishing LEGEND OF SAVANNA and my Halloween project so I can send one of them to the Writers of the future contest.


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