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Writing Progress Update: Salandrine

Wow, I actually can’t believe I wrote every day this last week, starting January the second. They’re nice wordcounts too, so this is a really good start for my writing year. It wasn’t all for one WIP though. I kind of got distracted by a side project :p It’s a paranormal romance. I won’t be adding the WIP to my progress list though I might talk about having worked on it at some times since if I do publish it, it’ll be under a new pseudonym.

Back to Salandrine. This chapter is considerably harder to write than I had expected, although I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s a massive battle scene. All the chaos, everything happening at the same time and going for a complex choreography had overwhelmed me at several times and I couldn’t write more than a couple of words. I felt lost, despite having written an extra scene outline, and broke down all the action into tiny steps. Eventually, some great advice from my CP helped me to write most of a first draft for the scene.

During this last week, I added 4633 words to Salandrine, coming to a new total wordcount of 49.309. Just a little bit more and I can start editing these chapters so they can go to my beta-readers.

2018 writing goals

So my resolutions for 2018 are to write more and finish at least 4 stories. To stay focused on my goals I’m going to add little updates on my 2018 goal progress to my writing progress updates, but I’ll make separate posts for these when the moment calls for it (thinking about end of the month or quarterly overviews and one post with all weekly wordcounts). Here’s how I’m doing so far:

Words written in week 1: 9968 words (Salandrine & DreamWIP).

Finished Fics: Am editing ChaosWitch and DreamWIP. Almost done with the latter.

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