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Writing Progress Update: Salandrine

It’s been an okay week for Salandrine this week! The second half of ACT had some pacing problems that needed fixing so I added some new chapters to the manuscript. Together with some rewrites, I added 3408 words (new total wordcount is 52.717). These new chapters leave me some extra space to explore aspects of the world-building which I’d neglected up till now, so that’s a pleasant twist of events for me. More on the magic system and the way they influence the setting’s culture.

Here’s a quote from my WIP:

Home. A place of safety, of belonging, of love, but she never felt like she had any of those. She found those in people—in Hadeel and in Kasim. But she couldn’t disregard the familiarity it provided her with. The privacy of her own chambers and the things she was allowed to have. Even amongst the things she hadn’t lost, because she never had them, and the things she were better off without, she missed it. She missed the few things she’d always taken for granted.”

I didn’t work on any side projects this time.


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