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Writing Progress Update: September

One last busy month for my day job and the end of my contract. It had been the best job experience I’d had so far. The colleagues were great, the atmosphere was pleasant, and my limitations from my disability weren’t a problem. I enjoyed myself a lot there and as far as I know, there’s a high chance of me returning there in half a year 😀

Aside from my day job, I also had a great month of writing. Unexpectedly. I worked in a couple of different projects, but mostly for a new WIP called DEMONOLOGY. It’s just a working title, I assure you. Actually, things went as well as they did because of this WIP.

A first time for a first draft

Never had I thought I’d be able to write a complete first draft including some early outlines in little over a month. And it’s everything it’s supposed to be; ugly, badly written, with lots of placeholder words, and written without editing. Something I’d not been able to do at all until now and I’m actually so proud of myself for achieving this milestone. There’s something special about noticing you’re improving with your craft! <3

DEMONOLOGY is about 30.000 words long (actually finished it on the third of october), but I can’t really say if it’ll stay at a novella length once I finish rewriting it into a second draft. It’s been greatly underwritten and I’ll need to make up for that when I come back to it.

Once I continue DEMONOLOGY I will start revealing little bits of facts about the WIP on twitter and write a post about it for on here. What I can share about it at this point is that it’s another romantic fantasy, following two girls (both POV characters), dealing with a mysterious magical presence and emerging supernatural powers, in a dystopian setting which won’t be ignoring themes such as ableism, racism, and anti-queer sentiments, and a romance subplot to support all that.

I want to add a few lines from DEMONOLOGY but I also don’t want to give away too much too early, so I’ll keep it short. It’s at the bottom of this post!

This month’s wordcount

Other WIPs I worked on were Salandrine, Omen, and outlines for several short stories. In total I wrote a total of 28.263 words in September, which means I broke my own record by about 9.000 words!!! Now I guess I know what it feels like xD

October’s writing goal

It would be awesome if I managed to write a story fitting for Halloween, but I’m not sure yet. If I do manage to think of something (short) and finish it before the end of the month, I might share it on Wattpad.

Otherwise I’m keeping this month’s goal simple. I plan to write at least 20.000 words in total, for any WIP. I’m hoping it’ll be for Salandrine, but I’m scared to promise anything. To anyone at this point.

An excerpt from DEMONOLOGY

We stood clustered together as the priest continued. “Another Sunday has arrived. Let us remember our blessings in that we are still here, embodying God’s will. We’ve survived the end of days, the falling of the skies, and the rise of darkness from the seas’ great depths. Let us remember, that we still stand. By the light, we will prevail.”

The crowd murmured along. “Let them shine through.”

I muttered along, more needing to believe than believing in earnest. My hand instinctively lifted to my cross pendant resting against my chest, the cold metal having drained what little warmth it could from my skin.

The priest lowered their arms in a movement simultaneously smoothing down his stole and started their weekly ceremony. Sharing the week’s news.

It was hard to focus on his words, regardless of my needing them. The words spread with the winds and my mind remained a clutter, weak as well as my body. Despite the long cardigan I’d buttoned up around my maxi-dress, God’s blessed lights did not seep into my skin and relieve me of my cold. I wish I’d taken an extra sweater or a thicker coat, but I also didn’t want to draw any attention to myself when everyone else was in their summer wear. Attention like that often came at a cost.

I rubbed my arms in a failed attempt to warm myself when one phone after another started ringing with the particular tunes of the weather alarm.

“Let us head inside,” the priests said. 


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