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Writing Progress Update: W13

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It’s a weird time to be alive today. During this global crisis, we all need something to escape into so we don’t succumb to the stress. Writing helps me. It helps air out my grievances, explore and express. Still the stress has been eating at me and so I’ve written less, written more just to unwind and vent. The last two reports have been on specific WIPs. Week 9 had been on The Blood Maiden’s Covenant and week 10 had been for A Spell to Soothe the Heart. This week I’m doing another general report for all my WIPs, including wordcounts, reflections, and goals.

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So far, my main projects for March are Salandrine and Pleasure and Pain (working title).

Since my last writing progress update, I’ve spread my attention out over several WIPs. I’ve been trying not to do this, or as little as possible, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

These last couple of weeks I’ve done some brainstorming and outlining for new story ideas as well as rethinking existing WIPs. Every new project I improve a little in my creative process and so looking back on older works, I can see where I went wrong. I really didn’t always know what I was doing and botched things like structure, plot or plain just ruined it by being hasty and indecisive.

I’m fixing that now. I’ve started on brainstorming a proper plot and structure for Meet Me Halfway, which I’ve been dreading to do for a while now. The story’s there, it just isn’t really delivered properly. Some of the scenes I really don’t feel confident about and will scrap.

Another old WIP I picked up again is Salandrine! This is my book baby, so very dear to me, but I struggled to finish it. I’ve still got about 25-30% to write, but it’s outlined already. All I need is to not have one-of-those-executive-dysfunction-days, sit down, and write.

I drafted a bit for Salandrine as well as Blood Maiden, and worked on two short stories. Given the times, I was in high need of something fluffy. One is mostly sweet, the other, very steamy xD I had a lot of fun writing my paranormal fluff.

Writing music of the week is another bit of music from Nier!


This month’s total (so far) is about 19.006 words, including this week’s numbers!

  • Week 10: 3.567 words
  • Week 11: 3.934 words
  • Week 12: 10.952 words

Goals and aspirations

So I’m looking at this month’s goals and seeing it’s not as bad as I predicted. I’ve written less than the past months, but it’s still a nice number. I finished my newsletter (sign up here), and wrote over 1.000 for a short story or flash fic. I’m well on my way to reach the other two goals, which is to blog and write at least 10.000 words for one of my novels. That last one will be a bit of a challenge, but even if I don’t meet that goal, I’m satisfied with my accomplishments for this month.

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