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Writing Progress Update: W9 The Blood Maiden’s Covenant

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Alright, so I already talked about how the writing has been going over these last couple weeks. You can read about it here. It’d been a while since I updated you, so I figured I’d make it up to you by giving you all a bit more than I usually do.

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Most of the writing I did this February have been for The Blood Maiden’s Covenant (Cursed Enemies to Lovers).

I always work with Pinterest boards to gather inspiration and help visualise a bit for the WIP. The same goes for my Blood Maiden WIP. You can find it here.

Finally, the progress report on Blood Maiden

Anyway, I worked hard on finishing the second part (though might just be the second half of part 1, but who can tell) of this WIP. Things had to calm down a little after the huge predicament of the opening chapters and Sagani and Mael had a lot to think about, things to arrange.

I decided to have a wind down scene as well where they played a game and had a good night, but then I had to ruin it and make them cry, so… yeah. It ends with a sexy scene though, so I guess I made up with that xD 

So with the end up this part being done I had some brainstorming to do in preparation to the next. There will be some fake human sacrificing to get out of a bad situation, more magic, a new antagonist battle priest, and it ends with them finally heading north. I already started drafting again and so I’ve got a couple of new chapters to share a snippet of with you lovely readers.

In the meantime though, since I needed some time to really get these scenes ready, I figured this was also a good point to do some short story writing. If I want to finish one once a month, it might as well be now. I’ll be blogging about that in my next post. It’s my masquerade short story, a paranormal romance with sensory bliss and an uplifting ending.

Anyway, back to Blood Maiden. This book is really thick with lore so it’s a challenge to balance, but so far it seems to be going alright. It shouldn’t be too confusing as I’m careful with the explosion and how I add it. Also when I reveal new things.

A part of what causes me trouble as I draft are the fight scenes. There aren’t that many, but those which do pop up are filled with magic and complicated battle scenarios. It needs a lot of strategy and micro-plotting to get it done properly.

The magic system is the same one as in most my books, since they take place in the same universe. Or well, there’s a couple of magic systems, but anyway, Sagani uses blood magic. With this WIP I’m working hard to really flesh this power out and show its limits as well as its strengths. It’s a power that needs a lot of preparation and planning. There are rituals and specific aesthetics as well.

This leads to each new spell becoming a sort of puzzle. I have the figure out and gather all the needed pieces, than fit them together. In the end it creates a great picture, but it takes a while to construct. As I have made several by now, I’m hoping the next will go a little smoother.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll end with a snippet

A few lines from the WIP

With her guest gone to bed and just having finished business with a merchant at her door, she retreated to her garden. At the well she sing up a bubble of water, keeping it hovering at eyelevel to analyse its quality with her earpiece. A drop she guided to the little the piece of equipment from her pocket for further testing.

As she sang her spell, waiting for the equipment to finish tiny elementals flocked around her, drawn to her arcane aura. Bee-sized pixies flittered onto her head and shoulders, their bodies folding into multi-petaled blossoms as they perched. Shimmering clouds of mist shifted out of the well and floated above the carpet of mosses. Elementals so young in their sentience they barely felt more than a brush of fingertips against her awareness; whispery light.

Sagani smiled around the old lyrics of her song-spell, the words elongated until they felt foreign and mysterious. Current times, even here in Saevria weren’t kind to elementals. Most people had forgotten, or chose to forget about them, ignoring how they were manifestations of a healthy environment. Nature gained sentience through abundance of arcane energy to spark sentience in the normally inanimate. She’d always known; be good to elementals, and they’d be good to you.

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    1. Hey there Justin, nice of you to leave a comment! Happy to hear you’re a long time reader!

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