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2019’s writing bucket list

Update 13/03/2019: Added a couple of milestones!

Thought it’d be fun to make a writing-related bucket list. Not in an “I must write this this year” kind of way but in a “sharpen my focus” kind of way. I don’t do well with deadlines, though I know I can’t always outrun them, will honor them when they’re needed, but I like to keep my options open and keep my ADD in mind when possible, including my health and energy levels. It’s a “work towards these goals” kind of thing.

There are some general things I want to achieve:

  • Meet the milestones of 50.000, 100.000, 200.000 and 300.000 words.
  • Have finished writing 3, 9, and 15 stories of any length.
  • Write my first novelette and novella.
  • Finish writing my first novel SALANDRINE.
  • Write more blog posts

So these would be great and should be doable. I wrote over 200.000 words last year, have some outlines ready for stories too long to stay short stories, and SALANDRINE… Well, it’s got to be done some day lol. Hmm, and you know maybe it’s fun to have little rewards to give it a little extra. Keep that motivation from slipping during hard times.

Well, that’ll make my next shopping trip a lot more fun! When done, I’ll share a picture ūüėÄ

But let’s get to more specific stuff. I’m not just going for wordcounts and completing stories, though those are important too. To me at least. I also have a couple of experiences and identities I’d like to put into writing. That’s right, I want to write characters who are/have:

  • Biracial, at least three. And though these may include magical/fantastical characters, that side of them won’t be what makes them mixed race.
  • Autistic without ableism as a big part of the plot.
  • AD(H)D
  • Asexual, some in romantic relationships, some single
  • Bi/Pan, some monogamous, some polyamorous

Those would all be ownvoices.

And then there’s genre. I’ve been writing a lot of romance lately and I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I want to try:

  • Writing a romance and fantasy mix of any length
  • Writing a science fiction story of any length
  • Writing a horror or dark fantasy/fiction of any length
  • Writing a story of any length that doesn’t feature romance
  • Writing a story of any length set outside of Mnaluria/Saevria

Of course I’d like to get published some day. I’ve set my sights on self-publishing, but as a future indie author I do want to try my chances with submitting to literary magazines and contests. Here’s a couple of goals for that:

  • Submitted 10 times
  • Submitted 25 times
  • Submitted 50 times
  • Received 15 rejections
  • Received 30 rejections
  • Received 50 rejections
  • First accepted submission

I’ve bought the first couple of milestone presents and will be receiving a couple more this week by mail, so I’ll finally be able to add some pictures soon!

So I might add in a few as the year goes by but for now, this is my writing bucket list. What about you? What are your plans for the year?

//Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

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