Elisa Winther (31) lives in The Netherlands with her partner and their adorkable dog. She likes to start her mornings with a cup of matcha or coffee, imagining new and magical worlds, and dancing outlandishly when no one’s looking. 

Once sorely misguided into thinking books were boring, she discovered her love for reading when introduced to YA fantasy. With her newfound passion, Elisa took to writing speculative fiction and romance stories instead of poetry (though she writes new poems in some rare cases), inspired by authors such as Octavia E. Butler and Alyssa Cole. 

It is her dream to write and publish books which are felt deeply, set in vividly and richly world-built places, which contain personal journey’s of self-discovery, and portray authentic representation of black, queer and/or disabled characters living their best lives, overcoming abusive situations, and maybe befriending a dragon along the way. 

Elisa Winther is a pseudonym. 

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