Blog post overview

To tidy up this mess of a blog I’m making this overview on all the topics I’m blogging about with a little summary on what to expect in said posts.

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Writing Related

Mental Health

As someone who’s struggled with mental illness and neurodivergent this is a topic that’s both personal and of great interest to me. I like to throw myself into topics that interest me and research every aspect that I can think of, and that includes mental health. Here are the categories and the posts I’ve written so far:

Here’s the introduction to the blog series: Let’s talk mental health, self-care, and helping others.


The tag for all my posts about being autistic and anything autism-related.



As a speculative fiction writer, it comes in handy that I’m very passionate about world-building. I like all aspects of it and as I’ve grown the skill of “building worlds” I’d like to share some tips and just generally my love for this aspect of the writing process.

Here’s the introduction to the series: Building Worlds.

Diversity & Representation

I’ve been passionate and involved with diversity and representation for years now, including as a consultant on a writing advice blog and as a sensitivity reader. I’ve been speaking on the subject for a long time now, and it surprised me when I realized I hadn’t shared any of it on here. I know some of you are interested and I know I’m still frustrated from time to time about what’s happening in the book world, so here goes!

You can find all the posts here.

My Creative Process

For the past 2-3 years I’ve been getting better acquainted with my own creative process. I got to know better what my process looks like, and honestly, I think I’m still learning and developing. To help me, because someone was curious, and because I think more might be interested I’ve begun blogging about my creative process.

Because this got way longer than expected I’m splitting this up in a series of posts, breaking down my creative process from inspiration to final manuscript. You can find the introduction and an overview of the posts in my post “What my creative process looks like & How I deal with the aftermath of writing intense scenes

Here’s an overview of the posts.