Building Worlds

Building Worlds

As a speculative fiction writer worldbuilding is a pretty big chunk of my work as I work on my WIPs. Thankfully worldbuilding is a passion of mine. I love thinking up systems, cultures, histories, and more and see how they influence each other. I spend a lot of my time documenting the many ideas that I struggled to keep track of before and use them for my stories. 

Image of papers with the words “think outside the box”, and “live breathe create” on a table with pensils, a cup of tea with a lemon slice, and a potted plant. Underneath a black bar with the text “Elisa Winther’s”, “Building Worlds”, and “Developing systems and imagining brand new worlds!”

So I decided to start sharing a bit more of my worldbuilding efforts on my blog since there’s been some interest in how I handle things. Of course I’m still learning and although I think there will be things I learnt and do that will be useful to some, I do want all of you to keep in mind that it’s just how I do things. It might not work for you, or you might have ideas of your own that I haven’t of yet (please do share them!). 

Then there’s the fact that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and that includes worldbuilding as well. There’s aspects that I’m pretty decent at, while others I won’t delve too deeply into because they don’t suit me. The same will go for any writer. Find your strengths and weaknesses and use that to your advantage.

Also since I’m in the middle of drafting my WIP and it shares it’s world and setting with some of my other WIPs there’s already a lot that I’ve already worked on and expanded on. If anyone has any specific questions I don’t mind answering them and focusing on a specific subject, but when not, I’ll just share on what’s current. Like this week I worked on infrastructure and government.

So that’s that for an introduction. Have any questions? Comment on here or find me on Twitter (@winthernovels). Let’s have some fun together, building worlds!

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