My February Reads

This post has been long overdue. Here’s what I finished reading during February with a brief review and who I’d recommend them to. It’s a short list this time. Scribd has a great assortment in books and I love how many audiobooks are available there. It’s like the Netflix for books. You pay a monthly… Read More My February Reads


My January Reads

A little late, but I wanted to talk a bit about the books I read last month. I’ll only mention the books I finished this month, since there are two which I started but haven’t finished yet before the start of February. There was much to love in my January reads. I will start with… Read More My January Reads


A year of books

I’ve never been a fast reader, or one who reads a lot. Which is why the number of books I’ve read this year surprised me. I have to say getting a subscription for Scribd to which I’d been introduced by a great friend really helped. They have so many great books, including audiobooks and especially… Read More A year of books

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Autistic Pride Month readathon by Becca (@beccasbookrealm) on Twitter!

This month we’re not looking to raise awareness for Autism, we Autistic people want acceptance! We already get enough of the dehumanization, we need more celebration and a great way to do this is by Becca’s (@beccasbookrealm) Autistic Pride Month readathon! She’s collaborated with Kitty (@jellyfable) to make these beautiful graphics and for the bingo… Read More Autistic Pride Month readathon by Becca (@beccasbookrealm) on Twitter!

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Reading challenge: OCTOBER

I’m starting a monthly reading challenge to encourage me to read and review more, and you’re welcome to join me! The challenge is open to suggestions and can be adjusted to your reading habits. Our monthly reading challenge for October: read a scary book (horror, dark fantasy, noir, etc).