I’m currently an unpublished writer but am working hard to change that. I do however have some of my writing for you to sample.

You can read my novel Salandrine‘s first chapter here.

Salandrine is a high fantasy novel with a f/f romance subplot, featuring an Autistic (ownvoices) and a trans main character. Set amidst a world of wonder, paradises made from desert wastelands through magic, mysterious threats reverting and stealing away the magic of the country, and a dragon god losing power, it is my passion project for world-building. But on the other side it’s a personal story. It’s a story about finding one’s strength. It’s about standing up against abuse. It’s about living with disability and fighting ableism. And just as important, it’s about learning to love oneself after believing you weren’t worth it.

Every now and then I switch between novels. It’s good to have breaks and come back with fresh eyes. Sometimes my breaks aren’t voluntary, while other times it’s a natural part of transitioning from one phase to another.

For example, as I’m waiting for feedback after finishing primary edits for my ace romance Meet Me Halfway, I’ve started on a dark fantasy novel called The Blood Maiden’s Covenant.

Aside from novels I’ve also found a great love for writing shorter works. You can read my short stories here:

Thundering hearts is a bit of flash fiction with a hint of tragedy. Tempted is a f/f paranormal romance and Telliriun Forest is… sort of magical realism with a touch of mystery. The latter two will be removed from Wattpad in the future so if you’re interested and haven’t read them yet, go check them out while you can.