Meet Me Halfway

Picture left of a black woman looking longingly to the right with a tree in the background. Text to the right with Meet Me Halfway, book 1 of the Acing Love series.

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MEET ME HALFWAY is the book that starts the Acing Love series, a romance series set in a secondary world featuring a Black, neurodiverse (ADD), asexual main character exploring love, intimacy, and relationships.

This book includes the following subjects/themes/representation:

  • ADD,
  • Anxiety,
  • Asexual,
  • Abuse,
  • Bi/pan,
  • Disability,
  • Duty to family,
  • Exploration of (a)sexuality,
  • Magic,
  • Neurodivergent,
  • Ownvoices (asexual, black, ADD, bi/pan,
  • Queernormative,
  • Relationship expectations,
  • Sapphic,
  • Secondary world,
Woman sitting on a wooden dock by the water holding a purple flower while looking out over the water, trees lining the shoreline.

Book description

Khalida’s ever lost in dreams and fantasy, her ADD the ship that sets sail to her lively imagination at the slightest of inspiration. But life outside her mind is far less glamorous. Finding she can no longer meet her parents’ expectations to do her job at their studios and her boyfriend’s expectations surrounding intimacy, she’s at wit’s end.

Amias’ given up on relationships. They’re only a tool to subjugate people into roles they don’t want to play. Scared that romance will seduce her again into living someone else’s life, she dives into her work; the mystery surrounding the river’s health. Searching for answers that’ll help her family, as well as help soothe her restless heart, she finds herself wrapped up in the mystery of a girl who makes her question everything anew.

Mixed up in each other’s affairs, Khalida explores what intimacy truly means to her as she learns of her asexuality. As they explore love together, Amias dreams are rekindled by Khalida’s bright spark. Eventually, there’s only one question left: will their dreams finally become reality?

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