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My latest Twitter hiatus

So lately I’ve been feeling a bit weary on Twitter and decided it was time to take another hiatus. Of course, the same day I added “hiatus” to my Twitter name I continued like nothing happened. Phew, what kind of dark magicks is Twitter, huh?

I’d posted a Twitter poll because I was wondering what to do. A hiatus didn’t feel enough, so I wondered if I should make my account private or split it into a private and a public one. Here are the results.

Twitter poll

40% say just a hiatus, 20% say to make my account private, and another 40% say to split my account up. I’m leaning towards the latter group as well.

This way I can worry less about how people might respond to my comments and be a little more open about myself. No one who knows me in reallife and has no business knowing my penname will accidentally stubble upon my tweets either (tweets that’ll help them recognise me) but I can still keep doing what I do.

My public account will be my writing account. I’ll keep posting links to new blog posts, give updates on my writing, and talk everything books and media. (Not saying I won’t retweet or post about shit happening that’s less pleasant, but I’ll continue to be careful).

My private account I’ll use to share all of the above, including pet pictures, stuff that’s happening with me, and me just opening my mind up a little. Connect more with my mutuals.

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