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My plan for Patreon

For some time now I’ve been thinking about setting up a Patreon account. There’s still a lot I need to learn about Patreon and how it might work (or not) for me as an author though. So I figure I need to do some prep. I’ll need to do some branding and build my audience so it’s not just me and my overexcited muse in there. Though I’ve read up on it a bit over the past two years, I’ll need to really dig in and do some research.

Since I suck with deadlines I’ll just decide on goals and see how far I get.

  • Branding
  • Platform


Now that I’ve actually finished some stories, it’s a little easier to work on my branding. Instead of what I think I write and what type of writer I think I am, I have something to actually fall back onto.

I’ve got my website for my blogging and I’m usually active on Twitter, so that’s great for spreading the message and meeting people.

Concerning my branding, I think it’s important for readers to get to know me (if they want to), so I’ve got just the blog series partially written for that.

Getting my work out there

When I’ve got that all figured out and started, I’ll need to find my readers. There’s some options to do that. I think I’ll go with sharing one or a few stories for free, sharing them on wattpad and then bundling them into a collection.

These stories will need to be a good representation of me as a writer and my stories though, so I’ll need to think carefully. Also feels like I need to put in stories I’m confident about, but not go out and give away my best work for free. There still needs to be a reason to buy my work obviously (though they’ll all be available through Patreon earlier and for less money/reward).

Since I’ll be leaving them on wattpad too, they’ll need to be on the longer side at least for the short stories so that already leaves out most of my earlier works. I’ll expand a bit on my bio and share a bit about me.

I won’t pick any story as of yet, leaving that for later when I have a little more to choose from.

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