New Setting: The Serpenterranean Hotel

As I’m getting back into Blood Maiden, I’m gathering inspiration for the settings. One of those is hotel The Serpenterranean where Sagani, Mael, and Araceli are staying during their festival days. It is a coveted tourist location which Sagani managed to arrange via one of hir clients (ze is a healer who uses herbalism and blood magic).

The Serpenterranean is a high rise building or at least this tower is the main building. There will be multiple services provided there. There will be bars, restaurants, spa’s, lounge areas, and perhaps some more things I have yet to think of. I’ll also be trying to combine magic, tech, architecture, and interior design. The hotel has vast gardens surrounding the property and I’ve let myself get inspired by lots of solarpunk aesthetics.

A while back Solarpunk was a passionate interest of mine. I researched it as an aesthetic, as an ideology, and as a genre. It’s been a while since I’ve been active with the topic though I do believe some of it still influences the way I envision some of my locations (aside from this one).

What do I like about it? I like the color palets. I love how solarpunk embraces so much of nature. I love how there’s room to explore assessability, how it can be inclusive (though there are some appropriation pitfalls), and how it often steers away from capitalism.

Curious about what inspiration I found for The Serpenterranean Hotel? My Pinterest board (section) is linked below:

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