Prolonged semi-hiatus

It has been way too long since I shared an update, on here, as a newsletter, and on Twitter. I’ve made several attempts at getting back in there but those haven’t left my drafts so far. To be honest, I’m struggle to get back. A lot has been going on and my health hasn’t been all that for a while. There’s been lots of ups and downs and it’s taken a toll on my writing.

But I do want to slowly ease myself back into the game. I figured, maybe I’d start here. I’ll keep things short, easy, and won’t force myself with schedules and deadlines. I’ll stick to simple things, anything which grabs my mind and I feel like sharing. Once I’m feeling up to going to the next step, like starting newsletters again, I’ll share a post here first to let all of you know.

Curious and want to stay in touch? Feel free to reach out through email. You can also DM me on Twitter. I will still respond.

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