Taking a break

Not sure for how long, but I’m taking a mental health break from writing, blogging and my newsletter. I’ll be less on social media, but if you want to reach out, my DMs are still open and I’m still reading my mail. Take care, <3

Progress Update

Writing progress update: January W3 (Book title reveal)

| My January Writing Goals | 2020’s writing bucket list | (All) Writing Progress Updates | A little earlier than usual, but I have a great announcement! I’ve decided on my Cursed Enemies to Lovers WIP‘s book title and will be announcing it in my next newsletter! Want to be amongst the first to find out? Then sign up for my… Read More Writing progress update: January W3 (Book title reveal)


New page!

I’ve added the introduction page to my new upcoming book MEET ME HALFWAY, book 1 of the Acing Love series. Go check it out and if you’re interested in this book on exploring intimacy and relationships while asexual in a queernormative and fictional setting filled with magic and rich worldbuilding, be sure to subscribe to… Read More New page!



Well well well, turns out I have way too much to blog about. Since I’m a mess, I will be posting whatever comes to mind and I have the time and energy to write for. If you’re curious and haven’t seen any related posts to what I blog about, I write about mental health (particularly… Read More Announcement